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Coyote Gulch

Stevens Canyon

Fools Canyon

Twenty Five Mile Wash

Neon Canyon

Zebra Canyon

Peek-A-Boo Canyon

Calf Creek

Willow Gulch


White Sox Bench



Photo Slideshow Collection Richard W. Brown

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Dylan H. Brown Photography


My journey
Early on I found fulfillment in extreme sports. Ditching class, abandoning work, and procastinating if the snow flew or I was offered a free ride. And yes, I still have that same passion for the outdoors, especially mountain biking and skiing, but since my photojournalistic career began some six years ago, I have become more fulfilled with human-interest projects.

After five years in the newspaper industry, and a stint with Bike Magazine, my focus has turned to the under-represented, undiscovered people and places of the world. I strive to showcase the similarities of distant cultures and to share the beauty of faraway landscapes.

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